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GeoCo Media Studio meets your business and marketing needs, we are able to bring your visions and ideas to life. Our aim is to make your brand stand out; we research the industry market, including your local competition to ensure that your brand captivates your target audience. We are here to support your business to grow, we have the knowledge to increase brand visibility and improve your business' credibility through strong advertising. 

When promoting your business, billboard advertising is an effective way to create and build brand awareness. This showcases your business as a credible, professional and trust worthy brand for potential customers. To find the right billboard for you, we would like to know your target audience and your market, the location you would like to promote, the size of your advert, whether you would like it digital or wrapped, how long you would like the advert to run for.

Once we have designed your advert, we request your approval and sign off, before the advert goes live. Advice is given on how to increase your brands visibility to maximise potential customers/clients. Our prices include production costs and can vary depending on the size and duration of your advert. We have a deadline live date of 14 days. A 50% deposit is required upon agreement, and the balance is due once your advert is live.  

Ongoing support is available, this is beneficial for keeping your promotions and products up to date. If you are interested in a marketing package, we offer this support for a monthly fee of £14.99 (cancel anytime). This is available for free, with a Social Media Management package. For 'pay as you go' website updates it is a one of charge of  £179.88 each time. 

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