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There are 4.9 billion people who use social media platforms worldwide, having a presence on social media is vital to your brand growth.

GeoCo works with the client to set goals and objectives for your business, learns your audience and competitors, in order to achieve a significant increase in brand awareness, visibility and revenue. Having a social media strategy helps our clients to generate higher engagement and impressions on your social platform offering more potential customers and a loyal following.

Firstly, we create content that attracts and inspires your target market and stand outs amongst your competitors. We intensively research your market, and learn their strategy in order to keep your on top of the algorithm. We like to diversify and keep your content fresh in order to make your brand stand out. We create content that generates the most engagement and interaction, matching your brand’s mission and personality. We create content for social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest and LinkedIn. GeoCo will consider the agreed objectives and your target audience and will strategize what social platform will benefit your brand the most.

During the planning process, GeoCo works closely with the client to generate a consistent calendar and a visual board for future posts that meets your business goals and gains you loyal followers. We keep you up to date with social insights and analytics to identify engagement, reached audience, post views, comments and shares. We have a variety of creative tools to help us create content. GeoCo maintains and optimize social platforms to drive Traffic. We do this by adding links to your website throughout your social media posts. This strategy significantly increases your search engine optimization and converts profile clicks into customers.


Be Patient.

Results from social media marketing won’t happen overnight. Patience and consistency is required to build a loyal following.

GeoCo Media Studio is dedicated to your business and marketing needs. Our aim is to bring your visions and ideas to life. Our aim is to make your brand stand out.  We are here to support your business to grow, we have the knowledge to build a strong SEO to elevate your website in Google's search engine.

Advice is given on how to maximise your brand on Google, to streamline algorithms for potential customers/clients. Social Media Management is a fixed price of £249 per month. We plan and create a social media marketing strategy, we have a deadline of 14 days to present 'one month' content in advance. A 50% deposit is required upon agreement, and the balance is due when your first post goes live.  


Social Media by GeoCo

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