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GeoCo Media Studio designs websites to meet your business and marketing needs. All websites are designed to bring your visions and ideas to life. Our aim is to make your website stand out; we research the industry market, including your local competition to ensure that your website captivates your target audience. We are here to support your business to grow, we have the knowledge to build a strong SEO to elevate your website in Google's search engine.


Once the website is complete, advice is given on how to maximise your website on Google, to streamline algorithms for potential customers/clients. All website designs are a fixed price of £450, with an additional annual premium of £149.99, this includes Social Media amalgamation and free listing on Google. We have a deadline live date of 14 days. A 50% deposit is required upon agreement, and the balance is due once your site is live.  

Ongoing website maintenance and support is available, this is beneficial for keeping your promotions and products up to date. You may wish to consistently showcase your client portfolio by adding their logo / brand to your website. If you are interested in website maintenance we offer this support for a monthly fee of £14.99 (cancel anytime). This is available for free, with a Social Media Management package. For 'pay as you go' website updates it is a one of charge of  £179.88 each time. 

GeoCo Media Studio's can work with you to add your business to Google, so as potentials customers can find you using the Google Search Engine. Our knowledge will be shared with you on how to increase your website traffic and page clicks, and how to have your business featured at the top of Google's Search Engine. This is an opportunity for your customers to leave their reviews, enabling your business to stand out amongst the competition. 


  • Personalised Website Design  

  • Image sourcing and optimisation

  • Website Translation (if required)

  • Social media amalgamation

  • Yearly hosting including domain and email domain


  • Google Search Engine (£110)

  • eCommerce shop (£150)

  • Ongoing Maintenance and support (14.99 per month)

  • Logo and Branding (£189)

Designed by GeoCo

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